Discussion Feed

Simple and efficient Atom feed for Flarum

Compatible with Flarum v1.1.1

Latest release 1.0.0


released on Aug 21, 2021

Simple and efficient Atom feed for Flarum

This simple extensions generates a feed of recent created discussions. A scheduled task will regulary update the feed on disk so it can be served by your web server without invoking Flarum or PHP. This is benefitial if you have a lot of subscribers pulling your feed in short intervals.


Install and enable the extension

composer require archlinux-de/flarum-discussion-feed

Now enable the extension in your admin backend.

Web server setup

You might want to add the following rule to your Nginx config

location = /feed.xml {
    types { } default_type "application/atom+xml; charset=utf-8";
    expires 15m;

Enable Flarum's scheduler

Refer to schedule:run to setup your Flarum scheduler.


Make sure the user which runs the scheduler has permissions to create the feed.xml file within Flarum's public directory.

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