Moderator Warnings

Moderator Warnings extension for flarum.

Compatible with Flarum v1.8.3

Latest release v0.6.3


released on Mar 19, 2020

Flarum Moderator Warnings

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A Flarum extension. This allows moderators to warn users. Warnings can be applied from a post or from the user's profile. Each warning contains a number of strikes (0 - 5), a message visible to the user, and a message visible only to other moderators. Users will recieve notifications for warnings they recieve.


  • Suspend integration (automatically suspend if users reach more than X warnings, with X configurable in settings)


Use Bazaar or install manually with composer:

composer require askvortsov/flarum-moderator-warnings


composer update askvortsov/flarum-moderator-warnings

Feedback and Bugs

Please feel free to report any feedback/bugs/feature ideas on the discuss thread, or as an issue on the github!


The base UI for this extension is based on, and reuses some code from, Friends of Flarum's Moderator Notes extension. Thank you to Ian Morland and all the folks at GiffGaff for their hard work on this!


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