A Flarum extension.This extension makes it possible to use <iframe> element in flarum. It allows almost all iframe attributes. It's written by Aurorum Studio. Visit our website: .

Compatible with Flarum v1.7.2

Latest release v1.0.3


released on Jan 25, 2023


This extension works with some of flarum websites, but not for all due to some issue. Use it carefully before it's fixed. However, don't worry, it won't cause website error, the worst thing might happen is that some function of this extension don't work.

Aurorum/Flarum Better Iframe

Basic introduction:

This project is an extension of flarum, an open resource forum web application. This extension allows users to embed a webpage into their posts, using the iframe element.

How to install:

First of all, you need to have a Flarum website, with composer already installed. Then, run the following command in the shell, at the root dictionary of your flarum.

composer require aurorum/flarum-better-iframe

How to update:

Run the following commands:

composer update aurorum/flarum-better-iframe
php flarum migrate
php flarum cache:clear

How to use:

This extension allows most iframe elements to use in Flarum, you can use any of the following formats in your flarum post to use iframe.

       [iframe='URL' width='INT1']',
       [iframe='URL' width='INT1' height='INT2'',
       [iframe='URL' width='INT1' height='INT2' frameborder='INT3']',
       [iframe='URL' width='INT1' height='INT2' frameborder='INT3' marginwidth='INT4']',
       [iframe='URL' width='INT1' height='INT2' frameborder='INT3' marginwidth='INT4' marginheight='INT5']',
       [iframe='URL' width='INT1' height='INT2' frameborder='INT3' marginwidth='INT4' marginheight='INT5' scrolling='TEXT2']',
       [iframe='URL' width='INT1' height='INT2' frameborder='INT3' marginwidth='INT4' marginheight='INT5' scrolling='TEXT2' allowtransparency='TEXT1']',
       // The attributes use the same name they are in iframe, if you are not familiar with iframe, please read the following readme file.
       // For the 'URL', please add 'https://' protocol name before the url, for 'INT', please enter integer, and for 'TEXT', please enter 'true', or 'false'
       // Some websites may forbid you from embed their webpage, it would show an error info within the iframe window. Some http, or openssl websites may be forbidded by the browser.

About iframe:

Please read this document: 中文:


Live demo: (如果在中国大陆,可能不能打开此链接)

Demo picture: 图片

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Dev Website:

Support Forum:

If there is any issue, please contact ,with support forum, dev website, or github issues.

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