Cache Assets

Allows caching js and css ahead of any browser request.

Compatible with Flarum v1.8.5

Latest release 0.5


released on Apr 1, 2020


Cache Assets

This extension offers a command php flarum cache:assets that allows you to compile and save Javascript, Css and locale Javascript/Css ahead of any user request to either the forum or admin.

This is an extension that is extremely suitable for Continuous Deployment scenarios.


Install with composer:

composer require blomstra/cache-assets:*

Go to your admin area and enable the extension.

Use the command

Run the php flarum cache:assets --help command to see a list of all options, at least one flag is required for the command to do anything:

--js to compile the javascript --css to compile the less/css --locales to compile css and js of the language packs


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