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Catch the fish

Watch your users catch as many fishes as they can

Compatible with Flarum v1.8.5

Latest release 1.1.4


released on Apr 1, 2019


Catch The Fish

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This extension is a fun experiment that adds a minigame to Flarum.

Once enabled, admins or mods can create fish catching rounds. The fishes will appear on the forum and users compete to catch as many as they can.

It includes many customization options. You can let users change the fish names or choose the placement of the fish themselves.

All aspects of the game are controlled via Flarum permissions.

The extension comes with a starting pack of (public domain image) fish that you can include when creating a new round.


composer require clarkwinkelmann/catch-the-fish


You will find the settings for this extension in 3 different places:

  • Extension settings page: global day-based, minute-based and animation settings, as well as probabilities for automatic fish placement and discussion tags whitelist
  • Flarum permissions: all access related settings
  • Front end page (not in admin): Round and fish configuration


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