French Typography

Enhanced typography for french writings, mainly around punctuation.

Compatible with Flarum v1.8.5

Latest release v1.1.0


released on Feb 22, 2023

CLUB1 French Typography

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A very simple Flarum extension. Enhanced typography for french writings, mainly around punctuation.


  • Convert spaces before a double punctuation mark (?, !, :, ;) to a non-breaking space ( ).
  • Enable a custom version of TextFormatter's FancyPants plugin with the following differences:
    • Double quotes are replaced with « guillemets », separated from the text by non-breaking spaces.
    • Disable Guillemets from upstream passes.


Install with composer:

composer require club-1/flarum-ext-french-typography


This extension alone does not apply the formatting changes to previously posted comments. I you want to reparse all the comments posts of the database it is recommended to install and enable the club-1/flarum-ext-chore-commands extension and use its chore:reparse command.


composer update club-1/flarum-ext-french-typography
php flarum cache:clear


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