Romanian language pack for Flarum.

Compatible with Flarum v1.3.0

Latest release v1.2.0


released on Jun 4, 2021


Romanian / Română

The romanian language pack for Flarum extensions. / Pachetul de limbă română pentru extensiile Flarum.

Install / Instalare

composer require flarum-lang/romanian

Update / Actualizare

composer update flarum-lang/romanian
php flarum cache:clear

Remove / Ștergere

composer remove flarum-lang/romanian
php flarum cache:clear

Translated Extensions / Extensii traduse

Flarum Core:

  • config.js (Translation for time / Traduceri pentru timp)
  • Core
  • Validation
  • Flarum Akismet
  • Flarum Approval
  • Flarum Emoji
  • Flarum Flags
  • Flarum Likes
  • Flarum Lock
  • Flarum Markdown
  • Flarum Mentions
  • Flarum Nicknames
  • Flarum Pusher
  • Flarum Statistics
  • Flarum Sticky
  • Flarum Subscriptions
  • Flarum Suspend
  • Flarum Tags

Other Flarum Extensions:

  • FoF User Directory

Links / Link-uri

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