FoF FrontPage

Push discussions to the front of your Flarum forum index!

Compatible with Flarum v1.4.1

Latest release 1.1.0


released on Mar 9, 2019


FrontPage by FriendsOfFlarum

License Latest Stable Version OpenCollective

A Flarum extension. Push discussions to the front of your Flarum forum index!


Using composer:

composer require fof/frontpage


Using composer:

composer update fof/frontpage
php flarum cache:clear


Features to Add by Fixer112

  • [x] ~~Added a "FrontPage" sort order option for discussions marked as "FrontPage"~~
  • [ ] Add an option to add FrontPage as the default sort order on the index page.

Features to Add by Friends of Flarum

  • [x] ~~Add "Push to FrontPage" and "Pull from FrontPage" discussion controls to IndexPage instead of post controls (should behave like the Sticky extension).~~
  • [ ] Refactor to add redraw() functionality to dynamically update the DOM after the push/pulls buttons are clicked on so no page refresh will be needed.



An extension by FriendsOfFlarum, revival requested by...a VERY eager client!!

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