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FoF Passport

The OAuth2 (and Laravel passport) compatible oauth extension

Compatible with Flarum v1.8.5

Latest release 1.1.1


released on Mar 17, 2017


Passport by FriendsOfFlarum

MIT license Latest Stable Version Total Downloads

The Laravel Passport compatible oauth extension.


composer require fof/passport:*

Updating from Flagrow

This extension replaces Flagrow Passport.

To upgrade from the old extension to the new one:

  • Backup your data!

  • Disable the Passport extension in the admin panel.

  • Run:

composer require fof/passport:*

Composer should let you know that flagrow/passport has been automatically removed.

  • Enable the new extension in the admin panel.

  • Your existing settings will be migrated to FoF Passport automatically.

  • You should be good to go! All URLs stay the same.


In the extension settings, you have to fill the following data:

Setting | Example | Description --- | --- | --- OAuth authorization url | | <your laravel install>/oauth/authorize OAuth token url | | <your laravel install>/oauth/token Api URL providing user details when authenticated | | Default Laravel installs have an /api/user route, otherwise point to a route returning the current user data (protected by the passport driver) OAuth application id | 1 | The integer Client ID you've made in the Laravel app or via artisan passport:client OAuth application secret | abcdefghijABCDEFGHIJabcdefghijABCDEFGHIJ | The Client secret provided by Laravel once you created the OAuth client OAuth scopes to request | | Optional additional scopes to request during authorization, perhaps you want to protect the user url with a scope or add additional functionality Label for login button | Login with Example | Label to place on the login button Icon for login button | far fa-id-card | FontAwesome icon to place on the login button. List of available icons

Hint: When creating the OAuth client in your Laravel app, don't forget to set the redirect value to <your flarum install>/auth/passport or you might encounter invalid_client errors.


An extension by FriendsOfFlarum

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