Registration Roles

Allow users to assign roles to themselves during registration.

Compatible with Flarum v0.1.0-beta.16


released on Jan 4, 2021


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Registration Roles

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This is a temporary maintained fork

I have volunteered to maintain this extension whilst Kylo / the-turk is away. My hope is that this fork can be re-integrated in due course.

~ IanM - January 2021

Allow users to assign roles to themselves during registration. You can also force existing users.

Registration Roles

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composer require ianm/flarum-regrole


composer update ianm/flarum-regrole
php flarum cache:clear


Enable the extension and set allowed roles from the extension's settings modal. Also enable the "Force users to assign at least one role to themselves" option to force guests as well as existing users (admins will be excluded) to have at least one of these allowed roles.

! Attention: I've tested this extension as much as I can. However, any malfunction of this extension may cause fatal errors during registration and your users might be unable to use your forum. So please test it yourself (register to your forum and login as existing user if you're forcing them to choose a role) after installation to see if everything is working fine for everyone.


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