TheAudioDB API

TheAudioDB API integration for Flarum

TheAudioDB API

Compatible with Flarum v1.8.5

Latest release 0.2.0

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released on Nov 9, 2021


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TheAudioDB API

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A Flarum extension. TheAudioDB API integration for Flarum. This extension will show artist/band details in the discussion hero, if the title of your discussions match with the name of an artists/band that exist on, data will be retrieved automatically.

Get your api KEY

Get your api key: ###


This extension supports multiple languages (available on, but remember that some artists/bands may not have details in your language. You can add missed translations directly into website 😎

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Install with composer:

composer require justoverclock/theaudiodb-api:"*"


composer update justoverclock/theaudiodb-api:"*"
php flarum cache:clear

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