Review of Wordpress Integration

by phenomlab


As a 100% open source and free platform, sought an equally open source forum platform to host it's increasing number of technology and information security discussions. After trying a number of these platforms, they all had something missing in the sense of what the founder was looking to overcome. After extensive research, we stumbled across the Flarum project and were instantly hooked by the layout, design, ease of use, basic essential framework (for example, no bloat) yet the ability to create an extensible environment through extensions, and more importantly than ever, an existing friendly and helpful community with a common goal.

After using the free framework and a wide range of extensions, we quickly realised that we needed additional capabilities - in this sense, integration with our existing WordPress platform, and an enhanced way to manage users centrally - not only to reduce on administration (and users needing different logins), but to further enhance the platform and increase it's reach and appeal in the sense of offering a common theme and services across our product range. After discussion with the flarum community, and more importantly, the development team, it was clear that a way for WordPress and Flarum to be able to "work together" via Single Sign On. However, SSO by itself just didn't go far enough, but this extension covered (and still does with frequent updates) all the bases, allowing you to post directly into Flarum via WordPress's comments, manage your profile and authentication ecosystem for Flarum via WordPress, and so much more.

This addition provides all the extensibility we could have hoped for, and so much more. The developer is super responsive, super knowledgeable, and is keen to introduce new features if they start to become a popular request. Also rare for this type of software is the vast array of documentation, examples, tutorials, and much more. If you are looking for the best way to link WordPress and Flarum, then look no further than this. It'll save you a ton of headaches.

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