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Image formatting and lightbox modal using fancyBox (original from the-turk and squeevee).

Compatible with Flarum v1.8.5

Latest release 0.3.0


released on Apr 1, 2019

fancyBox Extension for Flarum

GPLv3 license Latest Stable Version Total Downloads

Disclaimer: This extension has forked from the-turk/flarum-ext-fancybox



  • Based on fancyBox v3.
  • Clicking on an image in a post launches the fancyBox modal. This allows users to zoom in on the image, pan around, and navigate among multiple images, videos or iframes on the same post as a gallery.
  • Images are displayed with formatting to normalize sizes and layout.
  • If the author of the post has wrapped the image in a link, it will be shown as an external link. (Clicking on the image will not launch the fancyBox modal in this case.)
  • Image or URL titles are considered as captions.

Note: This extension does not generate thumbnails. The storage location of images, and the file size / bandwidth usage are not affected.


  • This package conflicts with squeevee/flarum-ext-fancybox and the-turk/flarum-ext-fancybox, so you need to remove them first.
  • It seems like this package is not compatible with reflar/recache (see #4).


composer require malago/flarum-ext-fancybox


composer update malago/flarum-ext-fancybox
php flarum cache:clear


Enable the extension.

Image layouts

Image layouts can be controlled by the formatting of the post's markup (e.g., its BBCode or Markdown).

An image is "stand-alone" if it is not in a paragraph with any text or other images, i.e., it is separated from text or other images by at least two returns. A stand-alone image is displayed in large format.

Example of a stand-alone image

An image is "inline" if it is in a paragraph with text or other images. An inline image is displayed in small format, in order to fit into the flow of text.

Example of an inline image

(For technical reasons, an image is considered inline if it is separated from text or another image by only one return.)

If you have the flarum/bbcode extension, you can use [img fancy=off][/img] to prevent images from formatting by this extension. This will also exclude them from the fancyBox gallery of the post.


As mentioned under Features, if an image is wrapped in a link, its behavior and appearance are altered. Most notably, in order to preserve the link, clicking on the image opens the link instead of opening the fancyBox modal. Images within links are also not added to the fancyBox gallery for a post.

External linked image

That said, if you have the flarum/bbcode extension, you can use fancy attribute of the URL tag to show videos or iframes on the fancyBox modal. They will be added to the fancyBox gallery of the post.

  • Use [URL fancy=iframe][/URL] for iframes:


  • Use [URL fancy=video][/URL] for videos (fancyBox supports YouTube, Vimeo & MP4):



You need to have the flarum/bbcode extension in order to add captions. The title attribute of the IMG or the URL tag will be automatically considered as a caption (the IMG tag has the higher priority). Here are some possible usage examples:


[img title="Caption this."][/img]
[url title="Caption this." fancy]![](src)[/url]
[url title="Caption this." fancy=video][img][/img][/url]
[url fancy][img title="Caption this."][/img][/url]


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