MiniFLAR SideNav Download Button

Adds a configurable download button to the sideNav of your Flarum forum.

Compatible with Flarum v1.8.1

Latest release 1.1.0


released on May 2, 2021


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This will also install Forum Widgets Core as it relies on it now.

Install with composer:

composer require miniflar/sidenav-download-button:"*"


composer update miniflar/sidenav-download-button:"*"
php flarum cache:clear


Admin Settings Page

MiniFLAR SideNav Download Button Settings

Forum View

MiniFLAR SideNav Download Button Forum View


This extension is under minimal maintenance.

It was developed for a client and released as open-source for the benefit of the community. I might publish simple bugfixes or compatibility updates for free.

You can contact me to sponsor additional features or updates.

Support is offered on a "best effort" basis through the Flarum community discussion.


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    • Donations allow developers such as myself to be able to purchase new learning resources, hardware, donate to charitable organizations, or even contribute to the Flarum Foundation :D

An extension by miniFLAR.

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