Minecraft Auth

Allow users to login with Minecraft.

Compatible with Flarum v1.8.1

Latest release v3.0.1


released on May 16, 2021


Minecraft Auth

A Flarum extension. Allow users to login with Minecraft.


You need a Minecraft server with OAuth plugin installed.


composer require nearata/flarum-ext-auth-minecraft


Disable the extension, click uninstall and run these commands:

composer remove nearata/flarum-ext-auth-minecraft
php flarum cache:clear

How to use

You need to fill all the fields in Minecraft Auth admin settings page.

Minecraft Server IP

The Minecraft server IP that is using the OAuth plugin.


If for example you are running Flarum and the Minecraft Server on the same machine, you are free to use http://localhost:4567/verify. If the Minecraft Server is on a different machine, you need to update localhost with the public IP of that machine.

API Secret

The API secret can be found in the Plugins/OAuth/config.json file.


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