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Adds a reply to see BBCODE.

Compatible with Flarum v1.8.5

Latest release v1.03


released on Mar 17, 2017

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This Extension is powered by WiseClock, and updated by Kvothe, but after flarum v1.0, the extension can not be used. so I upgrade it, now it can run under flarum v1.0

About This Extension

A Flarum extension. Adds a reply to see BBCODE.

Note that it only works for the main post (the start post of a discussion) because I don't think it makes sense to ask people replying to a comment post to see it's content. This BBCode will be replaced by div in comment posts.

How to

When creating/editing a post, you can simply use the [reply] BBCode to make it hidden to other users until they've replied.

[reply]Here goes the content[/reply]


  • Before:

  • After:


install manually with composer:

composer require nosun/reply-to-see


composer update nosun/reply-to-see
php flarum cache:clear


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