ID Slug

A Flarum extension. Use id as slug in discussion URL.

Compatible with Flarum v1.1.1

Latest release v1.1.0


released on Sep 4, 2021


ID Slug by Pipecraft

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A Flarum extension. Use id as the slug in the discussion URL.

  • AS-IS:
  • TO-BE:


composer require pipecraft/flarum-ext-id-slug


composer update pipecraft/flarum-ext-id-slug

How to Use

  1. Install extension
  2. Enable ID Slug extension
  3. Basics > Slug Driver(Discussion) > Select id slug driver

⚠️ Notice

v1.1 VS. v1.0


  • It modifies the slug field of the database directly
  • You can use /d/123 and /d/234-hello-world styles at same time if you want
  • Zero configuration


  • It uses Slug Driver System. You can switch between the default slug style and id slug style at any time without losing slug data
  • You can't use /d/123 and /d/234-hello-world styles at same time
  • After enabling this extension, you must switch the slug driver on the Basics page

If you want to use the v1.0 version, install the extension like this

composer require pipecraft/flarum-ext-id-slug:1.0.*

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