Reply to See

Add reply to see to your forum.

Compatible with Flarum v1.8.2

Latest release v1.8.0


released on Aug 19, 2023

Reply 2 See



This Extension is powered by WiseClock, and updated by nosun. but after flarum v1.2, the extension can not be used. so littlecxm upgrade it, let it can run under flarum v1.2.

And I upgrade it again, let it can run under flarum v1.8.x.

About This Extension

A Flarum extension. Adds a reply to see BBCODE.

Note that it only works for the main post (the start post of a discussion) because I don't think it makes sense to ask people replying to a comment post to see it's content. This BBCode will be replaced by div in comment posts.

How to

When creating/editing a post, you can simply use the [reply] BBCode to make it hidden to other users until they've replied.

[reply]Here goes the content[/reply]


  • Before: preview-before

  • After: preview-after


install manually with composer:

composer require rehiy/flarum-reply-to-see:*


composer update rehiy/flarum-reply-to-see
php flarum cache:clear


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