Basque language pack.

Compatible with Flarum 0.1.0-beta.13


released on May 27, 2020


  • naseinu

  • basque


Basque translation for flarum

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This is the Basque translation pack for Flarum. It can be used with the basic installation of Flarum forum.

Translated Plugin List

It also include translations for the following Friends of Flarum plugins(not required to install the language pack):
01. Night Mode 02. Best Answer 03. Moderator Notes 04. Discussion Language 05. Night Mode 06. User Bio 07. Social Profile 08. Merge discussions 09. Pages 10. Reactions 11. Share social 12. Split 13. Terms 14. Follow tags 15. Spamblock 16. Flarum SEO 17. Sitemap 18. Pretty Mail

Will be Updated...

Add to Flarum

You must have installed Composer. See how to use it in the official website


Go to the root directory of Flarum installation and run:

Request the package

composer require rierte12/flarum-basque

Update extension

Go to the root directory of Flarum installation and run:

Clear composer cache:

composer clear-cache

Request the update

composer update rierte12/flarum-basque


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