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Compatible with Flarum v1.1.1

Latest release 0.1.0-beta.4


released on Jun 15, 2021


Pallet Theme for Flarum

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Light Pallet

What's up! I've been stalking the discuss since when they gave me 3 months vacation from where I work. This theme was one of my unreleased works (which still feels like far from finished) before I got that job and took me couple of hours to update it for the stable release.

There are some breakthrough changes for the Tags extension with this and I'm still unfamiliar with the stable Flarum release so let's stick with the Dev tag for a while.

Introducing experimental tags navigation...

Dark Pallet - Tags Navigation

When you head into a tag's discussion list, only that tag's children and secondary tags will be shown in the affixed sidebar. Main purpose of this idea is to create a tag-focused user experience.

It can be used with dark & light modes but sadly, it doesn't work with the Night Mode by FriendsOfFlarum at the moment.

This extension is under minimal maintenance (or maybe no maintenance at all ??).


composer require "the-turk/flarum-pallet-theme:0.1.0-beta.4"


It's best to use this theme with the following extensions:

  1. Synopsis by IanM
composer require ianm/synopsis

Known Issues

When you start browsing from the "Tags" page, tag listing will mixed up which I believe due to a bug in flarum/tags -- haven't taken a deeper look into this.


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