Adds a calendar of events created by users

Compatible with Flarum v0.1.0-beta.16


released on Jul 10, 2020


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  • events

ADV Events (Calendar)

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A Flarum extension. Adds Events Calendars to share and plan community activities, webinars, etc.

** Work In Progress ** Collaborators welcome!


  • [x] Data model and DB migrations
  • [x] API to CR ~~UD~~ events
  • [x] New UI route to calendar
  • [x] JS Frontend (I was exploring "fullcalendar" as a nice looking option)
  • [x] Events details modal or page (exists, can be prettier)
  • [x] Events create modal or page
  • [x] API to update/delete events
  • [x] Permissions to add (owners can edit/delete)
  • [x] Permission to moderate (edit/delete other's events)
  • [x] mobile view is broke

In Progress

  • [ ] Pondering - SEO content, how to do this..perhaps replacemmodal (perhaps replace modeal with discussionpage)

Up Next

  • [ ] Hosts and Attendees (currently just actor)
  • [ ] Pagination and date filtering.

Open Decisions

  • [ ] Relationships
    • should they be linked to discussions like polls or free
    • roles: single owner, what about hosts, attendees, what are the cardinality


Install with composer:

composer require webbinaro/flarum-calendar


composer update webbinaro/flarum-calendar


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