Imgur Upload

Simple image upload from the Flarum editor

Compatible with Flarum v1.8.5

Latest release v3.9.1.3


released on Dec 5, 2015

flarum-imgur-upload Packagist

flarum-imgur-upload is a Flarum extension that allows posting images in Flarum posts using Imgur for image hosting.


With flarum-imgur-upload you can upload images to Imgur while writing your post, and the extension will automatically embed the images in your post. You can also paste from clipboard to upload an image file.

Demo GIF


composer require william0wang/flarum-imgur-upload

If you previously used matpompili/flarum-imgur-upload (the original work on this extension by Matteo Pompili) or botfactoryit/flarum-imgur-upload, you should disable and remove those extensions when you upgrade to beta 8.


Since flarum-imgur-upload uses Imgur API to upload your images, you will need an Imgur Client ID.

To get one simply signup to Imgur, then register an application here. You need to choose a name for your application (e.g. My Forum), and select Anonymous usage without user authorization. If the form requires you to set an Authorization callback URL, that's a bug. Select OAuth 2 authorization without a callback URL to avoid that, or play with the radio buttons a bit.

Once your application has been registered, your Client ID will be available here. Copy and paste it in the configuration panel of the extension, through your forum's admin page.


The original work for this extension was done by @matpompili.

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