Members Class

Give members more class. Adds a logged-in class to the forum's body tag. Also, includes two BBCodes. [members] & [guests]

Compatible with Flarum v1.6.2

Latest release 1.2


released on Apr 23, 2021


Member Class

License Latest Stable Version

A Flarum extension. Adds class for logged in members. If someone is logged in, "logged-in" is added as a CSS class to the body tag. This very simple extension will allow you to make endless CSS customizations just for members. (CSS knowledge required.)

Now includes two BBCodes: [members][/members] - only logged in members see this content [guests][/guests] - guests see this content but it will be hidden for logged in members


composer require zerosonesfun/flarum-member


composer update zerosonesfun/flarum-member

(To remove simply run composer remove zerosonesfun/flarum-member)


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