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Ziven Pay To See

A Flarum extension. Allow user to add pay to see content in the post

Ziven Pay To See

Compatible with Flarum v1.8.5

Latest release v1.1.6

11 subscribers


released on Nov 25, 2022

$25.99 once
not for profit

Pay To See 付费可见内容

A Flarum premium extension. Allow user to add pay to see content in the post. 一个Flarum付费扩展。允许用户在帖子中添加付费内容,其他用户需要付费才能看到。

This extension could be very useful for forum that focus on contents. With this extension, a user can set part of his contents as free sample, and allow other users to purchase the rest of the contents if they want to read more.

Required Extension

Hightlight Features

  • Customizable pay to see content and price
  • Permission settings that allow you to choose which user group can use pay to see
  • Receive notification when someone purchase your content

Video Demo


You need subscribe this extension at Extiverse. Once subscribed, follow the instructions at Extiverse to configure composer, and then run the following command to install this extension.


Install with composer:

composer require ziiven/flarum-pay-to-see


composer update ziiven/flarum-pay-to-see
php flarum migrate
php flarum cache:clear



Before purchase


After purchase


Admin settings


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