Email digests for your forum users

Compatible with Flarum v1.8.5

Latest release 0.1.0-beta.11.7


released on Apr 29, 2022


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A Flarum extension. Email digests for your forum users.

2 frequencies are included by default: daily and weekly. The sending is implemented into the Flarum scheduler, so it's the only thing you need to configure.

You can optionally enable the "Single Digest" feature, which will bundle immediate notifications into a template similar to the digest for users who didn't configure a digest frequency. This feature will group all different notifications sent during a single Flarum request lifecycle together, even if some are processed on an asynchronous queue. If some jobs are asynchronous, all notifications for that request will be held on a queue until all jobs have finished processing so that a single email can be generated for each user.


Install with composer:

composer require blomstra/digest:"*"


composer update blomstra/digest
php flarum migrate
php flarum cache:clear

Excluded Blueprints

A list of blueprints are excluded from both the Scheduled and Single Digests. These blueprints will always use the built-in Flarum email template and send immediately in their own email.

The following blueprints are in the excluded list:

  • flarum/suspend: all notifications
  • fof/byobu: all notifications
  • fof/subscribed: post flagged

The excluded list can be customized by developers via the container binding blomstra.digest.excludedBlueprints.


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