FFans Clipboardjs

Add a modern approach to copy code to clipboard with code language display.

Incompatible with Flarum v1.0.4

Latest release v0.1.0-beta.16.1


released on Mar 11, 2021


FFans Clipboardjs

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A Flarum extension. Use Clipboardjs to add copy code approach with code language display to your Flarum. You can choose 7 different button styles, like GitHub, SegmentFault, etc.

Supports 47 common languages by default: .properties, apacheconf, bash, bbcode, c, csharp, css, cpp, coffeescript, diff, django, docker, dockerfile, git, go, html, ini, java, javadoc, js, json, less, lua, makefile, markdown, nginx, objectivec, perl, php, powershell, properties, python, python-repl, regex, ruby, rust, sass, scss, sql, stylus, swift, typescript, vim, visual-basic, vue, xml, yaml.


Install manually with composer:

composer require ffans/clipboardjs


composer update ffans/clipboardjs


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