FoF Direct Links

Adds some direct links and composer auto-fill capabilities.

Compatible with Flarum v1.8.5

Latest release 1.0.0


released on Feb 17, 2024


FoF Direct Links

This extension adds direct links to various Flarum actions:

  • /login will redirect to homepage and open the Log In modal
  • /signup will redirect to homepage and open the Sign Up modal
  • /forgot will redirect to homepage and open the Forgot Password modal
  • /composer will redirect to the all discussions page and open the new discussion composer box

Additionally, only for the composer, you may append ?title=, ?content= and/or ?primary_tag=slug parameters to /composer to define the default values in the editor. This is useful for share features or bookmarklets.

Sample url with auto-fill parameters:

/composer?title=test&primary_tag=general&content=this is some content


composer require fof/direct-links:"*"


composer update fof/direct-links
php flarum cache:clear


composer remove fof/direct-links



Original author(s): Clark Winkelmann, Zerosonefun

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