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FoF Impersonate

Login as other users of your forum

Compatible with Flarum v1.8.5

Latest release 1.1.1


released on Mar 7, 2018


Impersonate by FriendsOfFlarum

MIT license Latest Stable Version Total Downloads OpenCollective

This extension adds a "Log in as user" button on user profiles for administrators and others who are granted the permission.


Install manually:

composer require fof/impersonate:"*"


composer update fof/impersonate
php flarum migrate
php flarum cache:clear


You can configure which groups can impersonate users by going to Permissions > Login as other users. Use with caution, as anybody with that permission can easily access the private data of every user on the forum. non-admins cannot impersonate an admin account, for security reasons.


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