Show summary excerpts on discussion lists.

Incompatible with Flarum v1.4.1

Latest release v0.1.4


released on Apr 2, 2021


Synopsis by Itlad

License Latest Stable Version

This extensions is forked from itlad/synopsis with no other changes but only changed the core version restrictions to 1.0.0. It can't work correctly, the administration panel can't show. It could only be a temporary solution for continued use in version 1.0. please install it with caution.

A Flarum extension which adds summary excerpts to the discussion list. This is essentially the same as IanM's Summaries andjordanjay29's Summaries, with extra customisable options. If you don't need the extra options, I recommend using Summaries instead.


As well as displaying an excerpt as a summary (with configurable length):

  • All display strings are translatable
  • Toggle between displaying plain or rich content in the summary (admin)
  • Choose from using either the first or latest post in the summary (admin)
  • User preference to show/hide summaries
  • User preference to enable summaries on mobile
  • Support to display pictures in content
  • Support to set the number of pictures to be displayed


Admin settings


content and images in summary


User settings



composer require itlad/synopsis


composer require itlad/synopsis
php flarum migrate
php flarum cache:clear


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