User IP

Geolocation for Flarum, modified by @pplulee

Compatible with Flarum v1.8.5

Latest release 1.0.0


released on Jan 11, 2024


User IP Location for Flarum

only display city and country, modified by pplulee


composer require pplulee/flarum-userip:"*"
php flarum migrate


composer update pplulee/flarum-userip:"*"
php flarum cache:clear
php flarum migrate


composer remove pplulee/flarum-userip
php flarum cache:clear

How to use

You just need to open the plugin in the background. :)


  • Support for websites using CDN
  • Concise, detailed, understandable style
  • No bugs (maybe?)


You can easily extend this extension to support different API providers, if you follow these steps:

  • In your new extension, require pplulee/flarum-userip as a dependency
  • Define a new Service that implements GBCLStudio\GeoIp\Api\GeoIpInterface
  • In your new extension's extend.php, register the service: new GBCLStudio\GeoIp\Extend\ApiProvider(MyNewService::class);
  • Provide the required translations under the gbcl-userip namespace, for example: gbcl-userip.admin.service.YOUR_NEW_EXTENSION.label, specific translations The text can be found at here


Builtin IP domain API is provided by

Referenced code from the following projects: fof/geoip, fof/oauth

Support my work at afdian 爱发电

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