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Sign in with Clerk

Sign in with Clerk

Compatible with Flarum v1.8.5

Latest release 1.0.1


released on Nov 28, 2023


Sign in With Clerk

A Flarum extension. Sign in with Clerk


Install with composer:

composer require umhelper/oauth-clerk:"*"


composer update umhelper/oauth-clerk
php flarum cache:clear


Once enabled, this extension will add a Clerk option to the settings page of fof/oauth. Toggle Clerk on, and hit the configure icon.

Follow the Clerk documentation

You can use Postman to set up an OAuth application by sending the requests following the documentation.

It is imperitive that you grant the following scopes to your new application at Clerk:

  • email
  • profile

Set the callback URL as given in the extension settings.

Enter the Client ID and Client Secret as displayed in the Basic Information page at Clerk into the Flarum configuration.

Enjoy logging in with your Clerk credentials!


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