Add cravatar avatars to your forum

Compatible with Flarum v1.8.1

Latest release v0.1.1


released on Oct 31, 2022



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A Flarum extension. Add cravatar avatars to your forum.
Modified from ianm/gravatar.

产品特点 / Features

  • Save on disk space by using Cravatar avatars stored remotely
  • Option to keep or replace existing avatars already uploaded to your forum
  • Supports multiple Cravatar default sets
  • Option to override a user-set Cravatar with one from the chosen default set
  • Support for restricting Cravatars to their content rating
  • Proxy fetching cravatar images via the forum
待办事项 / TO-DO
  • Allow users to switch between cravatar and forum uploaded avatar, with admin option to enable/disable
  • Add support for Cravatar profile fields

安装 / Installation

Install with composer:

composer require vlssu/flarum-cravatar:"*"

更新 / Updating

composer update vlssu/flarum-cravatar:"*"
php flarum migrate
php flarum cache:clear

链接 / Links

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