S3 Assets

Relocate Flarum disks onto S3 or compatible bucket

S3 Assets

Compatible with Flarum v1.8.5

Latest release 0.1.3-beta.2

13 subscribers


released on Jul 27, 2022

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S3 Assets

A Flarum extension. Relocate Flarum disks onto S3 or compatible bucket


Install with composer:

composer require blomstra/s3-assets:"*"


composer update blomstra/s3-assets
php flarum cache:clear


The S3 (or compatible) bucket can be configured either by environment variables or via the extension settings. If the environment variables are set, they will override the settings entered in the admin panel, if set.

Environment variables

  • AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID - your access key ID
  • AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY - your secret
  • AWS_DEFAULT_REGION - the region
  • AWS_BUCKET - the bucket name
  • AWS_URL - the public facing base URL of the bucket
  • AWS_ACL - The ACL, if any, that should be applied to the uploaded object (default: private). For possible values, see AWS Docs
  • AWS_PATH_STYLE_ENDPOINT - boolean value

If you plan to setup the S3 configuration using the environment variables, please ensure these are set before enabling the extension

Transferring assets from the existing filesystem to the S3 bucket

After your new bucket is configured, any exisiting files, will not exist there (ie uploaded avatars, profile covers, etc).

Use the provided command to start moving these files:

php flarum s3:move


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