Vietnamese language pack for Flarum

Compatible with Flarum v1.7.2

Latest release 0.5


released on Feb 25, 2020


Vietnamese Language Pack for Flarum

License Latest Stable Version

Gói ngôn ngữ tiếng Việt này được sử dụng cùng với Flarum.

Yêu cầu phiên bản (Required version)

  • Khả dụng với phiên bản 1.4.0 hoặc mới hơn (Compatible with 1.4.0 or newer)

Cài đặt (Installation)

Install with composer:

composer require duyplus/fl-vietnamese

Cập nhật (Updating)

composer update duyplus/fl-vietnamese
php flarum cache:clear

Tiện ích được hỗ trợ (Extentions supported)

  • Flarum Core - Validation
  • FriendsOfFlarum
  • ASkvortsov
  • ClarkWinkelmann
  • JustOverClockl
  • The-Turk
  • Others: Redis Setup, Realtime Posts, Signature, Cakeday, MyBB to Flarum, Discussion Cards, HTML Head Items, Advanced Extension Categories, Flarum SSO, Profile Cover, flarum-imgur-upload, Syndication, GIFs, WeChat Login, Steam Login, Flarum GUI Image and Link, My Tags, Link Preview, Level ranks, Gravatar, Bazaar, Mercury, Login 2 See Plus, Ads, Achievements, Flarum SEO, Online, Flarum User Badges, Follow Users, Discussion views, Profile views, Money, Flarum Blog.
  • Liên kết (Links)


    The language pack is released under the MIT license. Please see the license terms.

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